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Blonde means beauty with brains. As hair-and make-up artists, we create as many looks as there are desires. We love playing with the aesthetics of past and present times and familiar and unfamiliar cultures. Hereby we use our technical skills , knowlegde of common and foreign history and, above all, good taste.

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We work together with photographers, designers, stylists, advertisers, theater, film and television producers. We consider each others ideas and streamline them to obtain the perfect result.

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We love to reveal
the glamour in every person. This we do by offering
glamourous make-ups for a special occasion, workshops, bachelor parties and bridal make-up and hairstyling.

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As a professional in the beauty-business, one tends to come up against fascinating situations. Since people seemed to love my stories about the places, people and inspiration I come across, I figured out I’d write a blog about it. The blog isn’t about make-up and hairstyling per sé, but about the broader view on beauty & style in my personal life. However, you’ll find some tutorials and make-up and hairstyling tips and tricks along the way.

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to fulfill your desire for beauty,
please contact us.

Els Van Schoor
+32 (0)484 500 794