Blonde is on a constant quest for tasteful beauty, as proven by our work for advertising, brands, musicians, organisations and designers, such as Annelies Timmermans' fall/winter campaign and the chocolate lips we created for Visit Flanders. We love inventing eccentric, though intuitive looks for a videoclip like Dez Mona's Does it make you, Happy? and for Gregory Frateur’s performances as Grigri at The Nacht van Vonk and Leave us at Dawn at DE Studio. For these two projects Blonde collaborated like hand and glove with Elif Korkmaz from Kultuurfabriek. We've always loved the grace and feminine beauty of twentieth century icons who set the benchmarks for our actual vision on beauty. This results in a passion for "retro" assignments such as the stage make-up for MissFia and assistance by Frances Follies' pinup beauty boudoirs. Next to all these semi-burlesque creations, we love to keep it down to earth in more profane and contemporary assignments, such as a casting day for St. Oliver, assigned by and an event for Lipton Exclusive Selection Teas.

Annelies Timmermans
+ Sarah Van Hoe

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Dez Mona
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